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Body Building

Resistance Training :
We specialise in programs such as
   •   Personal Exercise Program (PEP),
   •   Body sculpting (which draws from the strengths of body building), and Body shaping (drawing from the advantages  of cardiovascular exercises).

A personal trainer is assigned to members who enroll for this programme. The trainer motivates and encourages, without being forceful. The one-to-one attention creates a great rapport between the member and the trainer, with the trainer being able to understand each member's limits and potential.

Body Sculpting / Body Shaping
This programme deals with body transformation packages used for toning body muscles. Drawing heavily from techniques commonly used by body builders around the world, a carefully planned mix of resistance training and cardio exercise is what makes this program highly effective.

Resistance Training :
   •  A training program of 5-6 times a week, and twice a day during the advanced stages.
   •  10-12 exercises per session, one body part at a time.
   •  3-5 sets per exercise, 6-12 repetitions (reps) per set.
   •  A minute or two of rest between sets.
   •  Intensity level - which allows for 8-12 reps per set, occasionally enhancing it to weights which will allow only 6-8 reps.
   •  Body building techniques used - Circuit Training, Forced Reps, Partial Reps, Negative Training, Rest Pause  Method, and Stripping.

   •   Twice or thrice a week.
   •   Intensity: 50-70 per cent of the maximum heart rate (MHR).
   •   Duration: 30-40 minutes.
   •   Primary exercises: Treadmill, cycle, Cross-Trainer.
   •   Training progression - during middle and latter stages of the program
   •   Increased resistance of the cycle, and inclination on the treadmill.
   •   Increased speed on the cycle / treadmill.
   •   Increased time to 40-45 minutes.

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