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Diet Counseling

What you eat is part of the equation when it comes to fitness. The Fitstop Nutrition Centre provides simple, effective and scientific ways to lose weight, including programmes on daily diet counseling, exercising, and steam and sauna baths.

The Nutrition Center is an inherent part of the health club. It comprises professionally qualified dieticians working in shifts.

The Centre's annual weight management plan covers the weight maintenance phase, with quarterly, half yearly and annual weight gain programs.

Dieticians not only cater to overweight, obese, and underweight cases, but also prescribe diets to clients with various health conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, gout, etc.

Dieticians, by way of diet counseling, effective diet planning and weight monitoring, motivate clients and guide them towards achieving their weight management goals.

The Nutrition Center also organizes lively and interesting events such as, cooking competitions, detection camps, quiz competition, free sampling of health products etc. It also displays various articles and other reference material pertaining to health and nutrition, along with healthy recipes on a regular basis.

   •   Counseling is an art, and is the most important tool to motivate and help clients achieve their weight loss / gain goals
   •   The dietician counsels the client with regard to the importance of diet and advises them to comply with the suggested dietary plan
   •   Counseling is not a one-time talk; rather it is a continuous process that takes the form of an interaction with the client on a daily basis
   •   Counseling is highly individualized, as every client's goals, motivational levels, lifestyle, and problems are unique. The dietitian encourages clients to follow the diet, and discuss their diet related concerns, so that they can offer practical solutions
   •   Through counseling, the dietitian enables the client to bring about behavioral modifications that go a long way in not only helping in weight loss, but also to maintain the ideal weight once it is attained, and helps the client lead a far healthier life
   •   Diet Counseling is given keeping in mind certain factors like the goal of the member, age, health conditions, like and dislikes, feasibility, lifestyle, current diet pattern, nutritional status, mood and stress levels, and the exercise  schedule of the client


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