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Our cardio zone is the heart of Gym & one complete floor is dedicated to the same. This zone is used for weight loss, general fitness & endurance building exercises. It is powered by Nortus make heavy duty automatic Tread Mills, Precor make re-cumbent & upright cycles and Sports art Crosstrainers. Cardio Zone is also full of various other high quality fitness gazzetes like Abs machines, twisters, stretchers, Hyper-extension & a variety of Abs benches & other Cardio fitness equipments. This zone also has a dedicated area for warm-ups / cool-downs & floor exercises .This zone is spacious & airy with cross ventilation & has been tastefully done to energize one for a turbo-charged cardiovascular work-outs.


The strength zone at Fitstop has been designed for Hardcore strength training / fitness & the same is equipped with heavy duty commercial customised fitness stations for each body part to suit the needs of beginners as well as professional body-builders. This zone is powered by Nortus make Smith machine, lats machine, Cable-cross, rowing machine, pectoral & deltoid machine, leg press, leg extension/ curl, calf machine, weight assisted chin-up, Multi-press, Bicep/ tricep & Preacher machine to name a few.


This zone has been designed keeping in mind the professional body-builder. This zone is affixed with heavy duty rubberised flooring keeping in view the safety of members. One can have the world class weight training experience at Fitstop & this zone is stocked with full range of rubberised weights, dumbbells, Olympic size benches & rods with rubberised weights in sufficient quantity. The weight training area is very spacious & allows full body movement to the members. The cross ventilation in the gym provides ample oxygen which is so vital for any form of exercise.


Crossfit section at Fitstop is rugged & has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of modern day fitness enthusiasts who want to test their limits. This area is fitted with Monkey bars, TRX, Punching bags , jumping boards & battle ropes etc to name a few.


Group activity studio at Fitstop is a powerhouse of energy & the lighting , flooring & music in this studio is chosen to uplift the moods of our esteemed members & to break the monotony of daily cardio & weight training routines. Different pre-announced group activities like Yoga, Aerobics, Pillates, Muscle pump , Body- balance & Dance etc. are conducted in the studio. The studio is also equipped with various types of fitness gazzetes like Abs crunch machines, fitness balls, steppers & cattle bell dumbbells etc. to name a few.


This area comprises of most spacious Steam Rooms , hot & cold showers, change rooms & locker facilities. The upwardly mobile corporate executives/ others ; who are short on time can get ready for their offices in the Gym itself.


The Member's lounge at Fitstop is the place where they can unwind themselves by reading some vital fitness/ lifestyle tips from a vast collection of fitness & lifestyle books/ periodicals. The member's lounge also contain a fully stocked 'Energy-drinks bar' which contain sports drinks like Gatorade, Redbull, Zinga & various non-sweetened natural fruit juices etc.



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