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I am part of Fitstop for the last 3 years though I don't exercise much but the electric atmosphere, powerful music and the positive vibe in the gym make me energised. I specially love the therapeutic body massage,steam,sauna and child showersas provided in the luxurious spa at Fitstop.


Ashwani Chopra
Retired business man,63yrs
Member Fitstop

I am a child specialist & I have a very tight schedule taking care of the medical problems of the little ones . I am a regular at Fitstop for the last around 5 years & I was 71kgs when I joined here. With the sincere efforts of warm & helpful trainers & support staff at Fitstop I have lost 15 kegs of weight & I have dropped 8 inches of my waist size. Now I feel as fit and energetic as I was in my teens. I must say that Fitstop has a kind of warmth & energy in it that one get addicted to it. Only thing that matters at Fitstop are the results.

Ruchi Jain
Doctor, 37 years
Member Fitstop

I joined Fitstop at the age of 16 as a young teenager with out of shape body but with the motivation,expertise and the healthy environment provided to my by Fitstop has helped me in achieving a lean muscular V shape body with 6 pack Abs. Thank you Fitstop.


Gaurav Khatana
Student, 20yrs
Member Fitstop

I was fat and unhealthy at 83 kgs and my energy levels were very low. around 2yrs back a friend of mine advised me to join Fitstop at my body weight I was hardly able to do any exercises initially but by seeing the other members doing exercises I also got motivated and by a mix of cardio,weight training and host of group activities like aerobics and muscle pump etc. Today I am 67kgs after reducing 16kgs weight and 5 inches from my waist. I plan to loose another 10kgs but I am already loving new look. Thank you Fitstop it wouldn't have been possible without you.

Nidhi Sangwan
Student ,22 years
Member Fitstop

I am running a Multi speciality nursing home and due to this I am always hard pressed for time. Due to this time constraint I am able to spend only one hour in the gym but i am quite consistent on that and I workout every morning as per the executive workout schedule which mainly comprises of a mix of light jogging on the treadmill,cycling/Crosstrainers,floor exercises and light weight training on alternate days. Due to this slowly but steadily I have reduced 25 kgs of weight and 8 inches of my waist size in around 5yrs time as a doctor I can vouch that the fitness equipments and fitness techniques being followed at Fitstop are safe and are enquin with latest medical research on the subject.

Pankaj Mohan
Doctor,51 yrs
Member Fitstop

I have been a fitness enthusist all my life. However I had put on a lot of weight due to my shifting of residence from Chandigargh to faridabad. I was told by my neighbours that if I wanted to have world class fitness experience then only Fitstop was the place for me. The moment I entered this gym I could feel that I was at the right place. I am now the first member to enter the gym in the evening shift and Fitstop has become like a second home to me. I have already lost 14kgs of weight and 3 inches from my waist and now feel as energetic as I was in my younger days.

Preeti Malhotra
Member Fitstop

I am of heavy built from my childhood & I was 136 kgs when I joined Fitstop about two years back. By consistent motivation & training/ nutrition guidance from well qualified fitness trainers at Fitstop I have already lost 29kgs of weight and 10 inches from my waist. My muscle fat ratio has changed drastically by my training schedule of cardio exercises and weight training I look very muscular even at my current body weight of 107kgs. I salute Fitstop for giving this new identity of a body builder to me.

Prince Bhatia
Businessman , 35 years
Member Fitstop

I have been a fitness freak whole my life and in my younger days I was crazy about having big muscles and tried various forms of exercise to achieve the same . After my retirement from Indian revenue service settled in faridabad. One if priorities after settling here was to find a gym where I could maintain myself at this age. I was pleasurably surprised when I landed at Fitstop and since then I have the honour of being the senior most and most popular member in the gym. Thanks to Fitstop and it's helpful sports staff I am maintaining quality muscles at the age of 68.

S.N Shukla
Retired Govt. Servant,68 yrs
Member Fitstop

I was 100 kgs when I joined Fitstop in Nov. , 2012. When I climbed on the treadmill for the first time I was barely able to walk because of my weight & poor endurance levels. Thanks to Fitstop & it's team of dedicated fitness professionals , I have lost 23 kgs in just over a year's time & I am still going strong. Fitness has now become part of my daily routine & I can effortlessly run for 30 minutes at a stretch now.

Shubham Gulati
Businessman, 29 years)
Member Fitstop

I am member at Fitstop since July ,2009 & I love body-building . I was 86 kgs & out of shape at the time of joining & since then I have lost 14 kgs & 6 inch waist size .
I am now muscular & almost near to my desired goal. I now mainly focus on weight training & just love the feeling of power in the strength zone of Fitstop. I give full credit of my success to Fitstop & it's dedicated Team .

Sishir Jain
Member Fitstop

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