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Weight Gain/Loss

Weight Gain Resistance Training

The optimum body weight varies from individual to individual depending upon the body type that is mesomorph, endomorph or ectomorph. Optimum body weight is one of the fundamentals of fitness. From a fitness point of view, being too skinny is just as bad as being overweight.

Weight gain through the development of muscle mass, and muscle definition through the low incidence of body fat is what gives an all around V-shape look to the body. At Fitstop, our fitness programmes are designed to address individual fitness needs and appropriate weight gain is one of them.

Weight gain is facilitated by Resistance Training with the following broad programme characteristics -

   •  Working out three to four times a week
   •  8-10 exercises per exercise session
   •  3-4 sets per exercise, with 8-12 reps per set
   •  Intensity level: 70 per cent-80 per cent of one rep max, which allows a max of 8 - 12 reps
   •  1-2 minutes rest between two sets
   •  The number of sets can be gradually increased for major muscle groups after one month.
   •  Increased resistance by increasing the weight, as the upper limit of the rep range becomes easier to         handle.
   •  Training options - splitting training between body parts, forced reps, and negative training are effective options.
   •  Cardiovascular is not part of this program. Proper rest after a session is imperative to best results, and avoiding injury.

Weight Loss Cardio Training:
After the age of 30 our metabolism slows down resulting into deposit of more fat in the body. By sustained cardio vascular training for around 3 months the metabolism can be tapped forcing the body to use deposited fats as a source of energy. The cardio vascular weight loss program comprises of following:-

   •  Warm-up and stretches for 5-8minutes.
   •  5 minute brisk walk and minimum of 20 minutes continuous jogging on the tread mill at a speed when you don’t feel breathlessness. With the increase in the endurance level the jogging can be increased up to 45 minutes.
   •  Spot jumps/skipping for 5 minute immediately after the jogging.
   •  Cross Trainer for 5-10 minutes
   •  Exercise cycle for 10-15 minutes
   •  Side bends with rod/dumbells-100 reps each side
   •  Crunches, leg raises and knee bends (2-3) sets up to failure
   •  Cool-down and lower back exercises for 5-10 minutes.

Weight Loss Resistance Training:
Just as being underweight is a sign of being unfit, being overweight has it's own share of associated health problems and fitness implications. In India, obesity is now a major health concern. It has reached epidemic proportions, as much as that obese children in the age group of 6-12 are a common sight these days.

The modern Indian urban lifestyle is arguably getting increasingly "Westernized". Fast food, irregular sleep and lack of exercise, sedentary desk jobs, and economic prosperity have resulted in a lifestyle that has the side effect of obesity or being overweight.

Optimum body weight is a key health indicator, and weight loss programs at Fitstop are designed to counter the ill effects of the modern urban lifestyle. A typical weight - loss oriented program follows the broad guidelines highlighted below:

Warm up
The duration of the warm up should be about 8 minutes. Marching, on the spot jogging (avoidable in cases where the individual is too heavy), arm rotations, wall push-ups, assisted pull-ups, and free squats and stretches are a good mix to get the body attuned to the upcoming work-out. Resistance Training (three times a week, i.e. every alternate day).

   •  10-12 exercises per session.
   •   2-3 sets per exercise, 12-15 reps per set.
   •   Intensity level: 60 per cent-70 per cent of the one rep max, which allows for only 12-15 reps and not more. A minimal rest of
   •  1 minute or just under between sets ensures a high intensity, effective weight loss workout.

Training Progression
   •  Gradually increasing the number of repetitions to about 15 - 18.
   •  Gradually increasing the number of sets.
   •  Marginal increase in the resistance, i.e. 60 per cent - 70 per cent of one rep max.
   •  Increasing the frequency of the program from 3-5 times a week.
   •  Circuit training is a highly effective method in weight loss programmes.
   •  Frequency - every alternate day.
   •  Intensity level: 60 per cent-80 per cent of the max heart rate (MHR)
   •  Duration: 40-45 minutes Training Progression
   •  Increasing the resistance of the cycle / inclination on the treadmill.
   •  Increasing the speed on the cycle / treadmill.
   •  Increasing the time to 45-50 minutes.


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