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Frequently Asked Questions


All other major fitness brands charge separately for training guidance. We treat each member as special and provide individual work- out schedule and training guidance to each member. The Progress of the members is evaluated every month and the focus is on results.

Yes. Memberships can be freezed on payment of freezing amount In case of term memberships.

Before you start any program you will need to have a medical checkup and get a Doctor’s certificate allowing you to begin.
We also have a physiotherapist on our panel that can guide you on Dos’ and Don’t’s on exercises that can help you.
This is a complimentary service to our members Our trainers will then work out a program keeping in mind your minor problems and will work to strengthen your body muscles.

If you require rest and treatment after you start your membership, we offer you extensions on production of the required documents and verification by our physiotherapist. W offer up to 2 months added to your current membership.

Yes. We have Steam, Sauna as well as chilled showers. Both steam and Sauna are for cleansing the skin. Regular use of Sauna may help in weight loss also. While steam involves wet vapours, sauna involves dry vapours. Steam, on the other hand opens up the pores and the wet vapours clean the skin.

Yes, you can get a trail pass for a 1 Day use of the gym facilities. The same can be obtained from our website also. Please meet a fitness counsellor at the gym. They will help you out with a guest pass.

Yes. While gymming one has to be in proper sports wear like track pents/ capris , shorts, T-shirts , sweat shirts & Track suits etc . Proper running & gymming shoes are also required. While doing heavy work-outs it is advisable to wear Supporters [Men] & Sports Bra[Women].


Trust us. We guarantee results. Once you experience us, you will feel the difference. We are replicating success stories. Fitstop is synonymous with results. However, for this you have to follow the guidelines set up by our trainers properly.

What you should be looking for is Fat Reduction.
An ideal Body composition is less fat and more lean muscle.
When you start a particular program, you will lose fat. At the same time, you are working on muscle conditioning. This increases your basal metabolic rate-BMR, which will increase the rate at which your body will burn fat.
In other words, you will be gaining lean muscle while burning fat.
Since muscle weighs more than fat, it is very difficult to predict actual weight at the end of the program.
WHAT WE CAN GUARANTEE IS A HEALTHIER PERSON WITH A LIFETIME OF FITNESS . only thing required on your part is the will to succeed.

No. Whey protein do not contain steroids. The same are made from the liquid proteins got by curdling of milk or during the process of cheese making.

No. fruits and vegetables are good sources of carbohydrates , vitamins, minerals and fibre. Fruits do not contain protein ,some vegetables do but in very minor amounts.

No. warm water does not help in losing weight. It helps in good bowel movements and helps to cleanse the system. More so honey and lime do not play any role in losing weight.

Beetroot is a good source of b-carotene. Good sources of iron are garden cress seeds , dates, jaggery & rice flakes. Vitamin C is required for the absorption of iron. Eg. Squeezing lime on poha .

Bananas are a good source of carbohydrate. Gingelly seeds, milk and milk products, colocassia leaves, ragi are rich sources of calcium.

Eating a fruit would be a healthier option than drinking a fruit juice as the juice has high concentration of sugar and contains negligible fibre when strained.

Ghee is saturated fat which eventually is responsible for increasing blood cholesterol in the body. Therefore ghee is not needed by the body. One should consume oils like olive , groundnut, soyabean, mustard, almond, etc. in sparing amounts.

Cheese is a good source of protein as well as fat and cholesterol. Low fat cheese would be a healthier option.

The weight height charts are made as per standard inputs. However, Your weight depends on a variety of reasons like your body type & muscle ratio in the body for every inch of your height you should weigh around 1kg. So if you are 67 inch tall , your ideal weight can be around 67 kgs.

No evidence is yet found to correlate gymming with stopping of height . Rather by figure correction one can gain a centimetre or two.

No. If you were gaining weight before starting Gym , it is likely to rise again if you stop exercising . To continuously reduce weight & to maintain the same one has to exercise regularly & maintain a healthy diet.

Yes. One perspires a lot while exercising & therefore it is advisable to sip water at regular intervals to keep the body hydrated.

Yes. One perspires a lot while exercising & therefore it is advisable to sip water at regular intervals to keep the body hydrated.

The minimum time required for warm- up, cool-down & main exercise is around one hour.

You need to eat a simple diet comprising of boiled vegetables/pulses , salads , boiled chicken , egg whites ,Daliya, cereals etc . You have to cut the intake of sugar , salt , fried foods, colas & alcohol etc. Water intake has to be increased to at least 7 -8 glasses a day.

For noticeable results one has to go to gym at least 5 days a week.