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Fitness Program

Weight Loss / Gain
Discover your path to transformation with our Weight Loss/Gain program, where expert guidance and personalised workouts ensure you reach your fitness goals effectively.
Body Building
Unleash your inner strength through our Bodybuilding program. Expert guidance and tailored workouts for sculpting the physique you desire.
General Fitness
Experience personalised workouts and expert guidance to enhance your overall fitness and well-being.
Group Activity
Discover the dynamic world of fitness at Fitstop through our Group Activities. Join like-minded individuals, boost your energy, and achieve your goals with our motivating community-driven workouts.
Personal Training
Elevate your fitness journey with Fitstop Gym's Personal Training program. Our certified coaches tailor workouts and guidance to you, making every session a step closer to your goals.
Diet Counseling
Experience holistic well-being with Fitstop's Diet Counseling program. Our nutrition experts tailor plans to fuel your fitness journey, ensuring a balanced and sustainable approach to health.